BAM! Makbuntu | Model for the Meaning of Life

Bert van Dam: ‘The true Meaning of Life is free of mysticism.’


What is the recipe for a life of fulfilment? Discover state-of-the-art philosophy BAM! Makbuntu. Model for the Meaning of Life (September 2015), affirmed by former top Executive, Bert van Dam. In the course of 2014, he turned his life around to fully commit to his quest ‘to help people lead the best life possible’. He defined makbuntu; a model which is within everybody’s reach: for managers, entrepreneurs, sensible go-getters as well as for all other pragmatics.


In the African Serengeti, Bert van Dam and his family witnessed a herd of over 7,000 wildebeest cross the Mara-river. It was a fascinating display of dynamics. This event opened his eyes to his true calling in life. It was not to be Director of a big telecom corporation nor to make a bundle. Van Dam developed a new model for the Meaning of Life and put it into writing. This resulted in his book BAM! Makbuntu. Model for the Meaning of Life, to be published in September 2015.


To create, to Love, to Enjoy

The word "makbuntu" is a combination of maktub (Arabic - "It is written in the Universe") and ubuntu  (Zulu - "To be one with your surroundings"). The makbuntu-model is based on three ingredients: to create, to love and to enjoy. Van Dam offers his readers practical methods to implement this model directly into their daily life.


‘Creating from the heart reveals a person’s authentic core.’ – from: BAM! Makbuntu


Auto Pilot

Not many managers openly integrate their spiritual views into their professional life. Bert van Dam, however, has been doing so for 25 years now. ‘I see many, many unhappy people who live on auto pilot. And when they reach old age, what are they going to tell the grandchild sitting on their lap? Supposedly not about the balance of their bank account.  Of course not, they will yearn to talk about great friendships and love, given as well as received. About meaningful achievements; legacy from following their heart’s desire. That’s the drive that I want to rekindle in people’s lives.’


Bert van Dam (1966) held the position of Managing Director at Planet Internet, Phonehouse Nederland and Phonehouse Europa (4,000 employees) respectively. He is co-founder and CEO of MultiplyHappiness BV, a company aiming to generate more happiness worldwide.  For more information (end of August), please visit


“We are one with Nature. This is a Fact of Life.” ’ – from: BAM! Makbuntu




BAM! Makbuntu. Model for the Meaning of Life

Author: Bert van Dam | To be published: September 2015

ISBN: 978 9492179 08 1 |ISBN e-book: 978 939179 09 8

Price: 16,50 Euro | Price e-book: 6,50 Euro

Version: hard cover | Contents: 120 pages

Available in Dutch and English | Publisher: Paris Books



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